An Introduction to Safeguarding Children Induction Booklet

Agencies can use this document to support the induction process of all staff and volunteers. Reading this document will also become a prerequisite for some KSCB training courses, to ensure that attendees are up to date and understand the role they have in safeguarding children.

An Introduction to Safeguarding Children Resource Induction Pack 2017

Children & Young People Living with Domestic Abuse

An introduction to Children & Young People Living within Domestic Abuse Environments

Domestic Abuse Safety Planning

Feel Safe at Home Poster

Session 1 – Talking it Through

Session 2 – Thought Wall Domestic Abuse at Home

Evaluation – Domestic Abuse at Home

My pocket phone size safety plan

Safety Plan Bookmark

Three Islands Domestic Abuse

Domestic Abuse Safety Planning

Family Services Directory

Access advice and information on childcare and early years’ services, activities available for older children as well as support for parents such as health and education by selecting one of the relevant areas, searching the Knowsley Information Service.

Free CSE  E-learning for professionals and parents

Barnardos leaflet for professionals regarding CSE

Department for Education – Step by Step Guide for Front Line Practitioners

Brook Advisory – Sexual Behaviours Tool

Thistle is an awareness raising film for you to use highlight the issues of Child Sexual Exploitation

National Working Group – Tackling CSE

Child Exploitation Online Protection  (CEOP) Centre

Website for professionals:


BullyBusters Leaflet

Allegations against professionals/volunteers


November Social Media App List – What are kids using?

CSE Social Media Apps Library

Gender, Sexuality and Identity

The Proud Trust are a LGBT+ youth organisation. They have produced a guide called ‘The Genderbread’ and a list of up to date terminology. The guide will answer questions you might have about gender, sexuality and identity.

LGBT Terminology

The Proud Trust Genderbread

What else can you find on this website?

Knowsley Safeguarding Children Board Website